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Mihai Pruna is an engineer who also happens to be somewhat good at programming. This website brings together Mihai Pruna's passions for science and
. Below you see Mihai's blog which covers relevant topics and a lot of irrelevant musings on nerdy subjects. Be advised Mihai Pruna is an opinionated
space nut.
Mihai also likes flying and built a general aviation desktop flight simulator based on Microsoft Flight Simulator X (currently on an extended hiatus due to
lack of time). The sim has its own blog, to keep things less confusing.

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Anyone can submit their working scientific code  to be posted in the library and become free software (as in free source code) under the GNU General Public
License. Check out the links for free compilers and code translators. Leave feedback by e-mailing the webmaster at feedback@solvengineer.com. Or you can make
comments or suggestions
here. Yeah, this site does everything. Make it your home page! :)

Please note that solvengineer.com assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the content of the codes on this site, the way they are employed and
their results or effects, nor for anything posted on the Bulletin Board.
If you notice a copyright violation, please contact the webmaster at

Vector View

Asteroid Invasion

MathFall Iphone


"Sycamore" VTOL Drone  

Biplane Flying Car
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