Mihai Pruna Resume
Mihai Pruna
New York, NY

Mihai Pruna provides software consulting and development services in the field of CAE (CAD,FEA,CFD).

Iowa State University
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Graduate Certificate , 2013-2015
* Numerical methods
* Finite Difference and Finite Volume solutions of partial differential equations.
*Multiphase Flow Modeling

Polytechnic Institute of New York University, New York, NY
Graduate Coursework in Mechanical Engineering, 2009-2010
* Reviewed and presented papers in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer and Robotics.
* Programmed microcontrollers and built electronic circuits and mechatronic devices.

Engineering Contract Services
Certificate of Proficiency in Aircraft Stress Analysis, 2007

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), Daytona Beach, FL
Master of Aerospace Engineering, December 2004
Areas of Concentration: Aerodynamics and Propulsion; CGPA 3.777/4.0
* Led a team of peers on an assignment to solve supersonic viscous airflow over a flat plate numerically by developing a CFD code and wrote 2D/3D, steady
and unsteady panel codes.
* Led a team of undergraduate students designing a centrifugal turbojet engine.
* Developed genetic algorithms to solve optimization problems.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL
Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, Summa Cum Laude, April 2003
CGPA 3.978/4.0, Minor in Mathematics
* Tested airfoils and aircraft models in wind tunnels in the Experimental Aerodynamics Lab course.
* Tested various specimens for yield, failure, cracks and hardness in the Materials and Structures & Instrumentation labs.
* Participated in the preliminary design of a light aircraft and lead a team designing the fuselage of a business jet, using Catia for design and FEA.

Past Work Experience

CADNexus Inc, March 2012 – August 2013
Software Engineer
* Developed parametric and iterative CAD automation software based on the CAPRI middleware.
* Developed software that simplifies OpenFOAM® CFD case generation, launching and post processing.
* Developed cloud based distributed simulation solutions using CAPRI for unified CAD access, Amazon Cloud for hosting, PHP and MySQL for scalability
management and usage tracking.
* Created pre-sales marketing materials such as web pages, presentations and videos.
* Wrote and reviewed papers on the Engineering design-simulation-optimization cycle.

Thornton Tomasetti Inc, New York, NY, October 2007-July 2009 / June 2010-February 2012
Integration Engineer / Applications Developer
* Developed add-on applications for CAD software packages such as AutoCAD and Revit in C# and Visual Basic under Microsoft .NET.
* Automated Engineering spreadsheets, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Word Documents through Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros.
* Automated the generation of structural and CAD models in CATIA using VBA and computational geometry techniques.
* Integrated between various CAD, fabrication and structural modeling software packages by developing custom translator programs.
* Programmatically data-mined static and dynamic structural analysis results from text and binary files.
* Developed .NET applications to transfer data between databases using Microsoft SQL Server.
* Evaluated CFD software packages for potential use in the AEC industry.

Independent iPhone Developer
* Developed MathFall, an educational Math puzzle game available in the iTunes App store.

Polytechnic Institute of New York University and National Science Foundation, New York, NY
July 2009-May 2010
GK12 Fellow
* Taught C++ and RobotC programming and mentored after-school robotics programs at Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn, NY.
* Developed a curriculum for teaching C++ programming at high school level.
* Developed classroom activities using Lego Robotics sensors and other computer-based resources.

Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation, Little Ferry, NJ, January 2005-October 2007
Structural Engineer                
* Assisted with structural repairs on Dassault Falcon aircraft.
* Analyzed damages such as corrosion, dents, cracks and delamination and issued acceptability statements and repair solutions.
* Coordinated between service centers and Dassault Aviation Headquarters.

ERAU Aerospace Engineering Department, Daytona Beach, FL, September 2003-December 2004
Graduate Teaching Assistant
* Taught the wind tunnel lab portion of the Experimental Aerodynamics for Engineers course and supervised the operation of the school wind tunnels during
class experiments

New Piper Aircraft, Engineering Flight Test, Vero Beach, FL, May 2004-September 2004
Aerodynamics/Performance Engineer Co-op
* Performed flight test data reduction for aircraft certification and development.
* Expanded performance data for future Piper designs and performed drag reduction studies.
* Developed VB GUI software for automating cruise regime data expansion for piston-engine aircraft.
* Acted as flight test engineer on certification, development and maintenance flights.
* Contributed to Type Inspection Reports and performed various flight test administrative duties.

ERAU IT Department, Daytona Beach, FL, September 2000 - April 2003
Computer Lab Assistant
* Supervised one of the University’s computer labs. Answered queries about software packages installed on lab computers and helped troubleshoot hardware
and software malfunctions.

Simplifying CAD to CAE Interoperability for Performing High-Fidelity Iterative Design
* Paper presented at the 51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Grapevine, TX, 2013.

Computer Skills

Programming Languages: C#, C++, Objective C, PBASIC, MATLAB, Pascal, Visual Basic, HTML, Maple, Processing, Javascript, PHP, AutoHotkey
API / SDK / Frameworks: CAPRI, CATIA, NX, Revit, AutoCAD, Tekla, Microsoft .NET, QT, Cocoa, Cocos2D, SQL, ADODB, SSH.NET, Amazon EC2.

Engineering Software: SolidWorks, CATIA, OpenFOAM, Siemens NX, ELMER, GasTurb, NASTRAN, FEMAP, Algor Simulation, Proteus VSM, AutoCAD, Revit, Tekla,

Other Software: GIMP, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, 3D Studio Max

Flight Training
50 Hours in light aircraft, soloed.
Passed Private Pilot Airplane written exam.

Dean’s List
, ERAU 1999-2003
Jim Crane/IOC Endowment Scholarship
ERAU Aerospace Engineering Department Academic Achievement Award

English, Romanian (native), French, Italian, basic Greek

Sigma Gamma Tau National Aerospace Engineering Honor Society, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
, Surfrider Foundation
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